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July 31, 2017,
Your Search For Best Bariatric Surgeon In Delhi

When it comes to Bariatric Surgery (weight loss surgery), We all are a bit conscious and surfs Internet for long long hours.Searching for the best surgeons, best techniques, best places to go, Read More[...]

July 29, 2017,
Gastric sleeve surgery in delhi - Expert's guide

Here is all you know about Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Gastric Sleeve surgery in Delhi. One of the most common and elderly weight loss surgeries is gastric bypass surgery. The surgery is considered as the best technique, Read More[...]

July 13, 2017,
Things You Need To Know About Obesity Treatment

The goal of obesity treatment is to reach and stay at a healthy weight. One may need to work with a team of health professionals including a dietician, behavior counselor or an obesity specialist to help you understand and make changes, Read More[...]

June 23, 2017,
Bariatric Surgery, Best Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi and Costs Involved

Obesity is one of the biggest problems that people are currently facing. While in most of the cases, obesity can be cured or be kept under check by diet, exercise, medicines, Read More[...]

June 13, 2017,
Hair fall after Bariatric surgery

There is a lot of concern regarding hair fall after bariatric surgery. Normal hair growth is dependent upon a healthy, balanced diet and hair fall is a sign of micronutrient deficiency. Hair fall usually begins Read More[...]

June 05, 2017,
Metabolic Surgery in Delhi - A novel treatment for diabetes mellitus

Metabolic surgery , a variant of bariatric surgery, has emerged as one of the effective treatment options for diabetes mellitus.Diabetes is a chronic disease characterised by high blood sugar levels Read More[...]

June 05, 2017,
Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for Morbid obesity

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy has become the most commonly performed Bariatric surgery in India and worldwide for Morbid obesity. It started out as the first stage procedure of the originally performed Read More[...]

May 19, 2017,
When is the right time to go for a weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is a major life change and hence decision. Of course, one shouldn’t be precipitate in taking this decision. If you are struggling to lose weight and haven’t had success through other means such as diet, Read More[...]

March 31, 2017,
Reasons Why Weight Loss Surgery Works When Dieting Fails

When the risk increases and regular methods to lose or manage weight becomes unsupportive, doctors suggest for bariatric surgery. Read More[...]

Dec 10, 2016,
11 dieting Habit to help you achieve your Weight Loss Goals

Many people start with practically no robust weight loss plan and in little time, they quit their effort. Although changing your food habit is key to weight loss, following an informed method will help you achieve you goals better. Read More[...]

Dec 10, 2016,
Bariatric surgery increases life expectancy

Obesity is associated with an increased risk number of lifestyle disorders like hypertension, heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis and certain types of cancers. The risk of these diseases is directly linked to increasing BMI replica patek philippe. Read More[...]

April 27, 2016,
Role of Bariatric Surgery in Diabetes mellitus

Bariatric surgery is not just a procedure for weight loss; It is a metabolic surgery as well. This means that it leads to certain metabolic alterations which have a positive impact in terms of insulin secretion and remission of diabetes. Read More[...]

April 26, 2016,
How gastric bypass surgery works?

Bypass is one of the oldest bariatric procedures That have stood the test of time. It is regarded as The gold standard amongst bariatric surgery Because the long term (> 15 years) results of Gastric bypass in terms of both weight loss and resolution of comorbidities have been better than any other procedure till date. Read More[...]

April 23, 2016,
How Bariatric Surgery Works: Before, During, and After?

Bariatric surgery is basically An operative procedure which aims at long term and sustainable Weight loss for an individual. There are three types of procedures- Restrictive, Malabsorptive and Combined. Read More[...]