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"I found Dr Anirudh via You Tube when I was considering Bariatric Surgery in India. I am from Australia so was worried about having surgery abroad. Dr Anirudh answered all my questions in a very timely manner and professionally. While on holidays in India, I decided to go ahead with my surgery after meeting with Dr Anirudh at his private hospital. I am now day 4 Post Op and leaving hospital today. During my time here I have been looked after very well. Dr Anirudh has personally come up and seen me 3 - 4 times per day to check on me, plus his staff have been very kind, attentive and gentle. I have never had painless blood tests and intravenous needles before in Australia, but here, they were amazing, zero pain. Dr Anirudh has openly answered all my questions, and been very honest and listened carefully to my concerns and questions. Dr Anirudh can understand English very well, there has been no communication barriers. My experience here at Dr Sunder Lal Memorial Hospital has been very good and I am so happy I went ahead with my decision to have Bariatric Surgery in Delhi, India here."



"Dr. Anirudh Vij is a perfect blend of professional and personal attributes. The experience of bariatric surgery at Dr Sunderlal Memorial Hospital in Delhi was extravagant. Although I had consulted a number of other doctors before surgery, Dr. Vij gave me lot of eye opening information for which I chose this place. Thanks a lot for a fantastic guidance."



"The best doctor ever, all my queries were answered by him patiently and in a layman language. Thank u so much for a life changing experience."



"I was suffering from obesity with fibroid uterus and used to have heavy bleeding in my cycles. For this, I have undergone a combined surgery for weight loss and uterus removal by Dr Anirudh Vij. My surgical result so far has been excellent and I have faced no problems whatsoever. I would highly recommend him for all laparoscopic and bariatric surgeries in Delhi and India."



"My weight was a big problem since my childhood and it was causing a hindrance in my professional and personal life. After bariatric surgery in Delhi by Dr Anirudh Vij, I have been able to achieve my life goals and am extremely satisfied with the results."



"I am an event manager and have gradually gaining weight for the last 10 years. I had also developed PCOD due to which my cycles were very irregular. As I was due to get married, I opted for this surgery for weight loss in Delhi. Dr Anirudh Vij and his staff took very good care of me while I was at Dr Sunderlal Memorial Hospital. I recovered very fast after the operation and was able to lose more than 30 kgs of my weight in the next few months. My cycles have also regularised now and am looking forward to starting a new life."


"I have opted for this treatment of weight loss surgery in Delhi by Dr Anirudh Vij, the best bariatric surgeon in India. I have been able to lose a significant amount of weight which was not possible by exercise, diet or any other herbal remedy or medicines. I am grateful to Dr Vij for this life changing experience."


" I was suffering from uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension and my weight was constantly increasing. I had tried all medicines and weight loss treatment in Delhi but none were successful. I consulted Dr Anirudh Vij, top bariatric surgeon in Delhi for this problem and he suggested gastric bypass surgery. After my operation, my diabetes, hypertension and obesity related problems were all cured and I am able to lead much healthier and active life."


"I am from a middle class family in Haryana and was looking for low cost bariatric surgery in Delhi. Dr Anirudh Vij helped me a lot by doing this surgery at a very reasonable price. I have got a very good result so far and am enjoying the benefits of this surgery."


" I have travelled from Ahemdabad to get bariatric surgery in Delhi by Dr Anirudh Vij. He has also operated on my sister and I had full confidence that I would get the required results. Now, 6 months after weight loss surgery in Delhi, I am a changed person and owe it all to him."


"The decision to get bariatric surgery in delhi by Dr Anirudh Vij was one of the best decision that I have taken in my life. The weight loss results have been fantastic and far beyond my expectations. Although my diet has been reduced, I am happy that I am eating less and not craving for food as before."


"I am extremely glad to have been operated by Dr Anirudh Vij. I have lost 20 kgs of weight in just 2 months and feel much lighter and better. My eating habits have become much healthier and I can work out and be active."



"I was referred for surgery by a friend and so far the weight loss journey has been great , thanks to Dr Anirudh. I would definitely recommend others for the same option to shed the extra kilograms."



"I have traveled all the way from Afghanistan to get operated by Dr Vij who is a very competent surgeon. My diabetes and blood pressure is now under control for the first time in 20 years without any medication."

Abdul Karim

Abdul Karim

"I had been gaining weight for the last 4-5 years and nothing had worked for me including diet, gym, exercise, etc. I opted for bariatric surgery and was able to reduce 25 kgs in just 3 months. Now I feel much better about mysef and my diet is also regulated and I am thankful to Dr Anirudh for guiding me on the right path."*


"I have been having problems with my weight since after marraige and it was constantly increasing. I have lost 18 kgs after undergoing this surgery and now I am back to my pre-marital weight and I feel very happy and excited about this."*


"I have a sedentary lifestyle and my eating habits were very poor. After bariatric surgery, I have lost more than 30 kgs without any effort which is a miracle for me. I have got this second chance at life, thanks to Dr Anirudh, and I will make the most of it. I would advise anyone suffering from severe obesity to undergo this procedure."*


"I got operated for morbid obesity by Dr Anirudh and did not face any problem during or after my surgery. The overall experience was very comfortable and I am glad that I made this choice. I would debutant recommend him for all my friends and relatives suffering from similar condition."*

Rakhi Gupta

"I did bariatric surgery around 2 months back and have lost 14 kgs of weight. I used to have lot of problems before including headache, joint pains, poor self-esteem, etc. I used to get tired easily but now I feel more energetic and active. My lifestyle has improved and I like to go out more and be with my friends and family. I didn’t face any problems during or after my surgery and although I eat less now, I am able to take everything what I like and still am losing weight. I would definitely recommend bariatric surgery for all morbidly obese people as the most effective way to lose weight."*

Bhawana Chaddha

"I have lost 13 kgs in 6 weeks after undergoing weight loss surgery by Dr Anirudh Vij. I had poor eating habits before and used to over eat a lot. I had tried weight losing weight through diet control, exercise and yoga but got no results and felt frustrated. I felt so heavy that my ankles would snap while walking. I didn't feel like going out or socialising with anyone. Now, my whole attitude has changed. I feel so light that I can run without any problems. I enjoy going out with family and friends and have a increased self confidence and improved body image. Also, I am eating properly and choose to eat healthy foods which I didn't eat before. I feel happy that I took the right decision in getting this surgery done in time."*

Apoorva Banerjee

"I have come all the way from Nigeria to get operated by Dr Anirudh Vij as I am aware of his skill and competence. My experience here was excellent and I did not face any problem during or after my surgery.*"

Mrs N. Ekbe

"After consulting many doctors all over Delhi, I chose to have my surgery done by Dr Anirudh as I found him to be very honest and trustworthy. I am extremely satisfied to have my bariatric surgery done by him. I had a very good experience and all my needs were taken care of by his team."*

Ashita Sharma

"I was extremely obese and had a big pendulous abdomen. Dr Anirudh Vij did bariatric surgery with abdominoplasty and I lost 12 kgs in the first two weeks after surgery. Now my abdomen looks much better and I am able to lead a normal life."*

Shelly Sharma

"I had got copper T inserted 2 years back at a government hospital but there was some complication and it got displaced inside my abdomen. Dr Anirudh Vij did a laparoscopic surgery and removed it. Since then, I have no problems and feel fine."

Birendri Devi

"I had a big hernia after previous surgery which was treated laparoscopically by Dr Anirudh Vij.I had a big hernia after previous surgery which was treated laparoscopically by Dr Anirudh Vij.Thank You So much Sir."


*Disclaimer: Weight loss after bariatric surgery varies from person to person and is generally 60-90% of excess body weight after 12 months of surgery