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Bariatric Surgery Packages

Being the Capital, bariatric surgery cost in Delhi can be quite hefty, but we realize the importance of providing all of our patients with a chance to afford the procedure. Hence we have packages with rates that vary according to the bariatric surgical procedure, age of the patient, BMI, weight loss expectations, presence of associated illnesses, duration of hospital stay and the room category alloted. A general estimate which can given is as follows

  • Inclusions

    1. Routine blood investigations

    2. Routine radiological tests

    3. Room rent for 3 days

    4. OT charges

    5. Anaesthesia charges

    6. Medicines consumed within hospital

    7. Procedure fees

    8. Doctors’ professional fees

    9. Consumable items

    10. Patient Diet within hospital


1. Doctor’s first consultation

2. Pre anaesthetic check up fees

3. Special blood tests and radiological investigations

4. Extra stay beyond 3 days

5. Consumables beyond approved for the particular procedure

6. Cross referrals/ Specialist consultation not within package

7. Medicines after discharge

8. Follow up visits

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Estimate Cost For Weight Loss Surgery

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