Lose weight for the festive season


The festive season is fast approaching and it's time to expedite your weight loss plan. Here are some tips

- Walk a lot: Walking is one of the most effective ways to get stay fit and detox (and even lose weight) before the festive season. If you can't include a one-hour walking session in your daily routine, do it in bits and pieces. Walk the dog, get off the bus a little ahead of your workplace and walk the rest of the way. Aim to walk 5000 steps a day and add 500 steps to the goal each week.

- Drink up: Not only will the eight glasses a day give you glowing skin, but also keep you full. So, the next time you feel like eating a cookie, drink a glass of water first! You can also add lemon wedges or mint leaves to get some flavour.

- Cut down on fancy dinners: Limit your eating out routine to once rather than several times a week. If you can't limit it, then try ordering grilled vegetables or chicken salads instead of the usual fried options.

- Start a starch curfew: We all need carbs in our daily diet, but by avoiding them after 6pm, you'll have fewer calories to burn at night!

- Reduce your alcohol consumption: Alcohol is the downfall of many diets, especially with the festive season coming up.