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Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery (MGB)

What is mini gastric bypass surgery?

Mini Gastric Bypass surgery is a weight loss surgery that is primarily a malabsorptive procedure in which a long narrow gastric tube is created and joined directly to the mid portion of the small intestine.

Mini Gastric Bypass surgery

What is the difference between gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass?

It differs from the classical Roux en Y gastric bypass in the size of the gastric pouch which is considerably larger and the diameter of the anastomosis between the pouch and the intestine which is also wider.As a result, the patient is able to eat larger portions of food than that possible after a RYGB. The main mechanism by which this procedure works is malabsorption due to delay in the mixing of food and digestive enzymes. It also results in effective excess weight loss of upto 80% with remission of comorbid diseases.

How long does mini gastric bypass surgery take?

The average operative time for a mini gastric bypass surgery is around 60-90 minutes depending upon the BMI of the patient and the experience of the operating surgeon.

Is mini gastric bypass safe?

The complication rate for all bariatric surgeries has come down considerably in the past few years because of standardisation of operating techniques, better training and use of high end sophisticated equipment and instruments. This has made bariatric surgery as safe as any other elective laparoscopic procedure. The minigastric bypass is technically simpler to perform than a traditional gastric bypass and takes lesser operative time and skill which makes it safer and with good long term results.

How much weight can you lose after mini gastric bypass?

Patients can lose 80-90% of their excess weight within 12-18 months of undergoing mini gastric bypass. This means that a person who weighs 120 kgs with an ideal weight of 70 kgs would lose approximately 40-45 kgs of weight after the surgery.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery (MGB)

How much does mini gastric bypass surgery cost?

The mini gastric bypass surgery costs between 2.5 to 4 lacs INR depending upon the hospital, operating surgeon, type and quantity of staplers used and the anticipated complexity of the operation and the associated complications.

Mini gastric bypass side effects

The side effects of minigastric bypass can be divided into immediate, which can occur at the time of surgery, early, which manifest during the first week upto 30 days of the procedure and delayed, which occur months or years following the procedure. Immediate side effects include bleeding, stapler misfiring, infection and injury to vital organs, etc. Early complications include vomiting, dehydration, blood clot formation, leakage and sepsis. Delayed complications are mostly related to nutrient deficiency and include weakness, hair fall, skin loosening, hernia, etc.

Mini gastric bypass pros and cons

The mini gastric bypass surgery has become popular in recent times because of its numerous advantages. It is a safe surgery, technically easier to perform than a traditional gastric bypass and gives good weight loss results. It works primarily by malabsorption which means that patients can still eat a sufficient quantity of food to feel satiated and it doesn’t interfere with their long term weight loss.

The downside of mini gastric bypass is the long term risk of malabsorption and nutrient deficiency. Patients have to maintain a high daily protein intake and take supplements of iron, calcium and multivitamins in at least 2-3 times of RDA to avoid deficiencies. Sometimes, patients may experience diarrhoea and hair fall which usually improve with time.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery (MGB)

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