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When is the right time to go for a weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is a major life change and hence decision. Of course, one should not be precipitate in taking this decision. If you are struggling to lose weight and have not had success through other means such as diet, exercise or medically assisted weight-loss programs then weight loss surgery may hold the key to reclaiming an active, healthy lifestyle. Not only does weight loss surgery aid weight loss, but it also plays an important role in managing obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, heart diseases, high blood pressure and in some cases cancer. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases Weight-Control Information Network, you may be a candidate for weight-loss surgery if you have a BMI of 40 plus or you have a BMI of 35 or higher with weight related complications such as diabetes. You should search all the major categories and see if you fall in any one of them.

There is no exact time that can be mapped out as right. If you feel that your weight is hindering your lifestyle and you find yourself confined at times as your weight doesn't allow you to lead a normal, active life then it is time. Besides this, if your weight has led to other concomitant health diseases then it should be a wakeup call for you to take action. Many people research weight loss surgery for years and never take action. Why take such nugatory steps? Well, maybe it's because you're scared. If that is so, understanding the pros and cons of surgical weight loss can help make your decision easier. While the risks of severe surgical complications are low, the decision to have surgery shouldn't be taken lightly. To achieve benefits and avoid complications, you will no longer be able to comfortably eat large meals, and you may need to follow a specific diet or take vitamin supplements. For many, however, the benefits of surgery greatly outweigh these potential consequences. Also, knowledge is key; the better you are prepared and acquainted to the procedure, the less overwhelming it is going to become.

Though success is a long-term project for patients who undergo this serious procedure, most people say that if they could go back in time, they'd choose to have the surgery again. Many people report that after the surgery and subsequent weight loss they feel better, are more active, and take fewer medications to treat the complications of obesity all of which can greatly improve a person's quality of life. So, are you ready for weight loss surgery?