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Things You Need To Know About Obesity Treatment

The goal of obesity treatment is to reach and stay at a healthy weight. One may need to work with a team of health professionals including a dietician, behavior counselor or an obesity specialist to help you understand and make changes in his/her eating and activity habits.

The goal in the starting of the treatment is usually a weight loss of almost 8-10% percent of your total weight i.e. if your weight is 81 kgs and are obese by BMI index standards, you would need to lose weight about 7-8 kgs for your health to improve. It goes without saying, the more you shed, greater will be the benefits for you and your body.

All obesity treatment programmes will require you to change your eating habits and an increase in physical activities. The treatment methods depend upon the level of one’s obesity, overall health, mental health and willingness to participate in weight loss plan.

Some major methods on which the treatment is carried are:

bullet_arrow Dietary changes

bullet_arrow Exercise and activity

bullet_arrow Behavior change

bullet_arrow Prescription weight-loss medications

bullet_arrowWeight-loss surgery

Dietary changes
The first goal of obesity treatment is to reduce calories. Practicing healthier habits and consuming low calorie food is vital for overcoming obesity.

Exercise and physical activities
Increased physical activity or exercise is an essential part of obesity treatment. Most people who are able to maintain their weight loss for more than a year do regular exercise, even simply walking.

Behavior Changes
Changing the behavior and mindset of an obese person is an essential part of the obesity treatment. Finding out why the patient eats large quantities of meals, what triggers it etc? A behavior modification program can help you make lifestyle changes and lose weight and keep it off. Mostly stress and taking tension makes person crave for the junk food.

Prescriptions and weight loss medications
If a person wants to lose weight then it requires healthy routine, physical exercises, balanced diet etc. But in some cases person is unable to lose weight by these methods due to certain reasons. In such cases, doctors often prescribe medications which are meant to go along with the diet plan, exercises and behavioral changes. These medications are not an alternative method. Doctors may recommend other weight loss treatment methods as well.

Like in some cases where the patient undergoing obesity treatment, is unable to lose weight by the stated methods, doctors advice the patients to undergo bariatric surgery. Weight-loss surgery/Bariatric surgery limits the amount of food that one is able to consume at one sitting or decreases the ability to absorb food or both.When it comes to Bariatric surgery/Weight loss surgery, Dr. Anirudh Vij is an expert. He is the Head of Department of Bariatric Surgery and a specialist in this field with years’ of experience in conducting bariatric surgeries in India & abroad. He is one of the best surgeons in Delhi and has conducted many Bariatric surgeries at all levels. He has expertise in treating MORBID OBESITY, which is extreme case of obesity with numerous medical, psychological and social consequences. The department of Bariatric Surgery of SLM Hospital has one of the top Bariatric Surgeons in Delhi.

So, with all that being said, it’s time that people suffering and going through this painful experience to get treated before the condition takes a turn for even worse.As said by one of the best bariatric surgeon in Delhi Dr. Anirudh Vij, “If it is good to lose something; that is WEIGHT. Get back to your original shape and regain the long lost confidence”.