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Metabolic Surgery in Delhi - A novel treatment for diabetes mellitus

Metabolic surgery , a variant of bariatric surgery, has emerged as one of the effective treatment options for diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a chronic disease characterised by high blood sugar levels as a result of deficiency or resistance to insulin. It is often related to lifestyle factors amongst which the most common is obesity. Type 2 diabetes is often linked to high body mass index (BMI) which results in high body requirement of insulin with peripheral insulin resistance. Metabolic surgery results in reduction of body weight and increased production of certain chemicals in the body known as incretins. These stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin as well increase tissue sensitivity to the same. The result is lowering of blood glucose levels and reduction in requirement of insulin medication. It has been shown that there is improvement in diabetes in over 90% of patients after metabolic surgery and complete cure of the disease in 70%. These results are maintained over the long term in the majority of patients with overall improvement in quality of life. This surgery is being performed by the best bariatric surgeons in Delhi for diabetic patients to give them the chance for complete cure of the disease. Metabolic surgery in India has a very wide scope because of the large number of diabetic patients with obesity.