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How is bariatric surgery useful for cases of fatty liver disease?

Obese people have increased levels of both subcutaneous and visceral fat within their body. Subcutaneous fat is the one which is stored under the skin and makes the person appear bulky while the visceral fat is stored within the internal organs of the abdominal cavity and the omentum and is responsible for the metabolic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. The liver is one of the major organs which stores fat in obese individuals within its cells and an excess of these stores gives rise to fatty liver hepatitis which results in swelling of the liver. This disease can progress and can cause permanent damage to the liver and at late stages can lead to liver failure which may ultimately require liver transplantation.

Fatty liver is usually reversible in the early stages with low calorie and exercise. People who undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss have very good results with respect to recovery of their liver function and changes of fatty liver are almost completely normalised within 6 months of the surgery. Hence, bariatric surgery can prevent the future onset of liver failure arising from fatty liver and excess weight.

How does bariatric surgery lead to improved quality of life?

Obese people generally suffer from a number of medical, social and psychological problems which adversely affect their quality of life and can lead to overall decreased lifespan. Medically, they are prone to a number of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, joint pains, PCOD, infertility, etc. and have increased risk of certain cancers. These diseases hamper lifestyle and lead to a number of restrictions and mandate daily medication for a prolonged duration of time. These medications lead to significantly increased healthcare expenditure. Socially, these people suffer from discrimination both at the workplace and within personal relations. They often looked upon as lazy and inefficient and may suffer prejudice from their bosses. They are often bear the brunt in personal relationships and lack popularity and self confidence. These adverse circumstances precipitate psychological problems like isolation and depression which can lead to binge eating and further aggravate weight gain.

Bariatric surgery can bring a stop to this vicious cycle and give a new lease of life to these individuals. Weight loss not only leads to improvement in the medical conditions but also enhances the physical appearance, boosts self confidence and leads to positive inter personal interactions. Physical capacity is increased which removes the restrictions and people can cultivate new hobbies which were previously out of bounds. Healthy eating habits give a renewed sense of energy and well being and this positive energy can be channelized to achieve increased productivity in the workplace. All these factors combine to increase the longevity of the person as well.